Thank you love

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I thought my heart had turned to stone, thought I was done and through,
But someone else was feeling alone, looking for a chance on something new.

Was pretty scary to think of opening my heart, the thought of it being torn apart,
I thought why even try, looking back at the past only made me cry.

So often we listen to our minds, never knowing what we could find,
But something was tugging at my heart, saying it was time to make a new start.

I thought love was gone and cold, until I met someone with a heart of gold,
You had that look in your eye, which shined like a rainbow up in the sky.

Then I thought could this be love? It must have come from heaven above,
Was I ready now to take a chance, with the woman who made my heart dance?

Her wonderful smile touched me, like the sun setting on a vast blue sea,
Could this be the one I was longing for, is it time to open that tightly sealed door?

There was this feeling growing deep inside, that I knew I could no longer hide,
It was peaceful like the wings of a dove, it was at that moment I knew I was in love.

There was this burning desire, knowing that my cold heart was now on fire,
It all started with just a single spark, felt so good to shed some light on the dark.

Now that we’re together, we want time to go on forever,
Now she has made me realize, that there is someone behind these eyes.

You are so warm and kind, thank you for giving me a peace of mind,
I love the feel of your caring touch, and your tender caress oh so much.

Thank you for making my dreams come true, how sweet it is to be loved by you,
Together we’ll make a stand, going on and on and hand in hand.

I know now it was meant to be, me for you and you for me,
A woman I cherish, whose love I hope will never perish.

2 thoughts on “Thank you love”

  1. This has got to be another great poem. this touched me so much that it actually brought a tear in my eye. I had only wished that i was the one that was recieving the poem keep up the good work!

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