It Hurts So Bad

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When I needed her the most she wasnt there:
all this pain within me I just cannot bear,
Whos to say that lifes a gift, and not an evil threat,
Maybe I’m pacing in hell because i lived in regret
People change but some stay the same,
others are considered insane,
When life is through
will we know the truth,
Im confused now,
it hurts so bad but I cannot forget

8 thoughts on “It Hurts So Bad”

  1. i like this poem. just cause i can relate to it…if you ever come up with any others send them to me i would like to hear them..bye

  2. hey! i really like this poem. i can relate to it. im not
    sure who you are talking about, but its really good.
    email me your other poems. peace

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