The most grief night of my life

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I miss my Jake,
His bright face,
His steady pace,
It never seems to leave me,
When i dream,
I dream of him,
I dream of all those times he licked my face,
Beat me in a race,
Now that i cannot see him anymore,
i wish, i wish that i cud,
Just to see his fuzzy little face one more time,
would bring the world back into orbit,
But Jake,
Because your not here, My life well sucks,
There is no one here telling me it’s ok,
there is no one here telling me that I will make it through,
Jake finding you in the pool was the most grief night of my life,
there was only one of you,
Now there is none

5 thoughts on “The most grief night of my life”

  1. Do NOT listen to the last comment by such an emotionaless, insensitive person. Your poem is beautiful, and Im sorry for the loss of your friend. Poetry is personal, and the words should not matter, the grammer means nothing, its what is inside the poem itself that counts. Good work!

  2. I'm guessing that Jake was a pet and not a friend…either that or you have freaky furry faced friends that like to lick you? either way the sentiment is sweet but the poetry needs work. Im very sorry for the loss of your pet. I hope that you don't take this as an insult….i was moved enough by your poetry to reply. I think that maybe you are young and your poetry has space to improve. Best Wishes, Frankie, Manchester England

    this makes me soo sad!!
    oh my gosh
    that would be one of the worst days of my life
    to see my best friend
    most loyal and warm-loving frend
    floating dead in the pool
    i kno i may sound like a fool
    cuz im so animal loving and frendly
    but i cannot help it
    i LOOOVE animals
    and if i had one it would be onof the worst dayz
    of my life too… to see it dead
    but life goes on
    so just try and look ahead :

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