I Didn’t Get to Say Goodbye

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I didn’t even get to say GOODBYE
Why did you have to go?
I hope you’re happy wherever you are
I will always love you so.

I’d try to copy eveything you did,
you were always so good.
I looked up to you every day,
I’d be you if I could.

I remember we’d play the same old game,
I’d always try to cheat.
You’d always sit in the same old seat,
I’d always try to take your place.

You meant the world to me and my mom,
we’ll love you forever.
I remember we’d always watch the same old film,
Fried green tomatos.
You meant to my mom the most,
she was ever so strong.
She had to be tough for the whole family,
your leaving us was wrong.

I didn’t even get to say goodbye,
why did you have to go?
I hope you’re happy
wherever you are.

19 thoughts on “I Didn’t Get to Say Goodbye”

  1. Hi,I'm Paige Jacobs I'm the one who wrote this poem.
    I wrote this poem for her because I loved my grandma very much and she left with out saying goodbye . I wrote because I was kind of mad at my grandma for leaving me behind without saying goodbye ,now when I read it I get
    mad at myself for writing because I know my grandma can see

  2. Hey erm..
    I don't know what to say apart from that poem seems to have made way to much sense for saying someone else wrote it.
    My grandad died about 2 months ago i think its now and he died one night in hospital before I had been and had chance to see him, whereas everyone else had
    thank you because now I know it's not just me that feels this way

  3. I'm taking that this poem was about a sister or brother dieing don't know if i'm right but trust me even in death one never goes away as long as your heart still feels them!!!

  4. Dam i wasn't far off but hey sweetie your grandma is probably wishing she had that chance to tell you good-bye and with this poem it was her way of inspireing that good-bye between you both so you can look at this poem as a negative or a positive manner but in my eyes I see that she was who held your hand as you wrote it.

  5. When I read this poem I thought about my best
    friend that died about a month ago. I never got to
    say goodbye to him. I love and miss him so much
    and this poem meant a lot to me. It explained
    exactally how I feel.

  6. hey well i liked your poem because it remins
    me about my friend that died about 2weeks ago
    its really hard his gone 4ever
    I didn't get to say goodbye I love you
    but im always gonna have memarys of
    him well e-mail me so we can make r poems together.

  7. Hi My name is tammy and im writting this cause i just lost my mom to cancer?and im finding a poem for her .and i came croos this one and i like it ,cause i never got to say good-bye to my when she a passed .and im looking for one to say to her in her honor.And these are poems at this website.If you only could bring my mom back i would.thank you Tammy

  8. ITS SO sad!!I feel the same way me and my mom was soooo close to my grandmom and now that she had died i jus wish she could have stayed to say goodbye but she left with out a word.she died in the nursin home in i was jus goin to skool that moring too.but its been 4 years now and even though my heart aches everyday more and more i know that she is watchin me evry step of the way helpin me move on wit my life and that’s why i cannot wait til im in her arms again.until we reunite she will always have my love and that special place in my heart girl keep writin its wonderful!!!!

  9. i felt the same way but i was not mad i was sad cause i was crying when i read this cause my granpa left me without saying goodbye well at least she is watching you now and i bet she says goodbye to you to(i love you granpa and 4 ever I miss you so very muck ~kisses~love you and goodbye )

  10. hey! that’s a great poem!this poem reminds me of my best friend
    who had no place to live because she was living with my cousin which was her
    boyfriend, they lived with his grandma. she kicked her out. so my best friend had moved
    away. i didn't even get to say goodbye , i known her as my big sister. i loved her so much.
    I’ve only memories and our favorite songs.i still cry everyday.i'll always remember her , she was
    always there for me when i needed her the most.

  11. I think your poem is very beautiful!! You did a great job:) It\’s always hard to say goodbye to our loved ones, even if you didn\’t get that chance, she always knew you loved her;)
    Take care Paige

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