My darkest enemy

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We would’ve been perfect together
For some reason you rejected me
If only you gave us a chance
How do you think that made me feel?
I breathed deep and cried for so long
You don’t deserve a single tear of my own
Still, I cannot help myself from loving you
Every breath I take is for you
Every sigh I make is because of you
You’re the only who could help me from myself
My darkest enemy, my closest friend
Be mine

5 thoughts on “My darkest enemy”

  1. I Love This Poem, I Understnd It So Well…
    I’ve That Going On In My Life…
    i Love Someone But Thay Won't give Me A Chance.
    To Show Them I Love Tehm So They Just Run.
    I Understand What You Wrote… I Loved It By The Way!

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