At a Distance I am There

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At a Distance I am There.
Even though Love is blind, but a true friendship never fails to see
when each other is in a bind.
At a Distance I am There.
When the tears come running down your face,
I am there always to take my place.
At a Distance I am There.
Remember the time as we walked and I looked in your eyes,
You could hold the sadness under that disguise.
At a Distance I am There.
Even at the time when you are having a big strife,
Remember as Jesus said, “A true friend will lay down his/her Life.”
At a Distance I am There.

2 thoughts on “At a Distance I am There”

  1. It was an amazing read … everyone has someone special in their life for whom they always wish good and pray for their wellness … I can feel your true love .. I got the same feeling for my love and I am sure not only me but for every person who got someone special … must be having the same feeling. Thanks for sharing it hope to see more such good poems…

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