The Journey of Two Best Friends

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You’ve seen me at my worst
You’ve seen me at my best
You’ve listened to my troubles
And helped them lay to rest

I wish you knew how much I miss you
I wish you knew how much I care
I wish you knew how many times
I’ve wished you were just right there

To talk about the old times
When life was so carefree
And we played like we were sisters
Even though it couldn’t be

We’ve been best friends for so long
Ever since we were two and three
But then something small went wrong
And it grew too fast to see

I think talking was the key
That seemed to be out of grasp
And it slowly divided our friendship
Like poison from an asp

Then before I could comprehend
What had happened to two best friends
It ended up being farther than a walk next door
But a journey of a whole lot more

It doesn’t take long to get there
But it seems so far away
And since life isn’t always fair
I just hope to get there someday

And maybe I can celebrate
Your special day with you
I hope it will be this one
But I haven’t got a clue

So hopefully sometime
Our separation will end
And it will also finish
The journey of two best friends


(Dedicated to Andrea Bayles)

45 thoughts on “The Journey of Two Best Friends”

  1. This was a really great poem. You Got some talent with the rhymes, also you must really miss this best friend to make such a deep poem to her. I’m sure if she read this, she must of cried.

  2. i like this poem how it talks about losing a friend and how touching its! its a very good poem and it helps you relate to things like that! it really shows wut it feels like 2 lose a good friend and how hurtful it can be! thank you for sharing wut a nice poem

  3. I so enjoyed this poem….it was as if I had written it myself..the closeness of best friends…and something that brings separation . The separation came between me and my best friend shortly after we had both gotten married. Fortunately, we reconnected and I was looking at your poem as an inspiration to write one to her…thank you for your inspiration…and hope you reconnect!

  4. when i read this
    poem god all i could think about was my best
    that i lost.she was my world! i loved her
    so much! and i could never really explain how
    i felt untell i read this. i hate thinking about
    her. its like if i don’t want to feel the pain. i wish
    she knew! so to you who wrote this. thank you!

  5. Wow. that’s a really good poem. i was just
    online looking for a poem to give to my sister
    and its funny that i found your poem because i go to
    school with you.

  6. Wow, this is such a good poem! My best friend and i are going through a hard time right now, so i hope we finish our journey! And you too!!

  7. your poem is so beautiful but it gives me a fear for
    that someday i will lose a friend but i get it completely
    its happened once before to me it could happen again
    yeah i don't write poems only write little choruses
    well that was cute either way i hope you can find your friend
    again peace!

  8. “THE JOURNEY OF TWO best friends”
    MY best friend SO MUCH YOU HAVE DONE A
    WORK : ) HALLA

  9. Your poem is very beautiful Danielle and it touched me very, very much. See Im only thirteen and I’ve already lost a very close friend. She didn't die but she was in trouble, so I did what any best friend would do, I tried to help her. Then I did something very stupid and on the day of my birthday they took her away from me. She was practically a sister to me, she was my soul, she was my everything! She was all I had and all I could depend on. She helped me when I was struggeling and when I was feeling lot's and lot's of pain! Then when she left, more and more problems came! Now I learned so much from my mistakes and realized I should think before I talk. thank you so much for even writing this. Just from this poem yuo are my idle. I hope someday I can become a poet just like you !

  10. that’s such a nice poem! its perfect for the occasion its my friends b-day and i moved away from her 4 years ago and we have been friends since we were 3!! thank you for writing it!!

  11. This poem is of the chain…It remainds me of my
    old skool wen i left every body behind danm i felt
    HORIBLE!! becuz it waz not so esay to take them
    of my mind and i still cry for my bestest friend
    Milenka we bean friends scence we were in kinder
    KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. oh my god! your poem is very very cute…!!!!
    its so heart-touching!
    i really love it…though me and my best friend havent encountered that partings,
    we never ended up in that kind of separation….!
    hahahah!!!!!!!!!! :) :) :)

  13. tis poem show life to the past
    tis peom show how your feeling last
    you are the blueof the sky
    because you have a special eye

    i see it and you know it
    it's like we were together in a pit

    you know how much love
    as everytime i knew the sky turn blue

  14. dis poem is awesome it's exactlii wat mii
    nd mii sis is well i think you were readin' mii mind
    well great minds think alyk i wuved it
    thank you

  15. This explained the friendship i once had and when i
    read it i began to cry. it touched my heart in so many
    ways i couldnt imagen. so good work on writeing this
    you get a 10.

  16. This explained the friendship i once had and when i
    read it i began to cry. it touched my heart in so many
    ways i couldnt imagen. so good work on writeing this
    you get a 10.

  17. This poem made me cry! My best friend Kaymon whom i only met this year is moving, and that poem seemed to discribe us. even though we've only known each other a year, it seems like it's lasted a lifetime

  18. When I read this poem, I never knew what I should feel. But there's a pain inside me that came in to me. I've lost my best friend for a second time and it's really a trauma to me. This poem seems like written for all the folks who have lost their bessy and that still cannot accept and face the reality. thank you very much to the writter. You did a very good one! Keep it up!

  19. i love this poem it talks about what its like to lose a friend just like me.
    here is a poem I wrote.Once In A While

    Once in awhile you find a friend
    who's your friend right from the start.
    Once in a while the friendship's so strong
    it really warms your heart.

    Once in a while that friendship lasts
    your whole lifetime through.
    It only happens once in awhile,
    like it happened with me and you.

  20. this poem sound really nice you touch by the words you say may GOD continue to give you strenght and blessing to write more poem

  21. My best friend(sister) and I are having some
    difficulties right now. I sent her this poem and maybe
    one day we will get our friendship back. I love her
    so much and its breaking my heart!!!!!!!!

    thank you for the beautiful poem

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