Tomorrow's Sunlight

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Before you think of saying goodnight
while the sun is still shining
its light brings your actions of the day into sight
check up on the ones you didn’t do right (if any),
promise yourself that with all you might
as soon as you see tomorrow’s sunlight

3 thoughts on “Tomorrow's Sunlight”

  1. we all should do that because we dont know when it will be too late and i dont think anyone wants to feel the pain of regret belief me its not nice to feel the regret

  2. Nice rhyming with a touch of inspiration :)… When we go to sleep we are unsure whether we would wake up the next day… But still with a hope in our heart we plan out the things for the next day… Don’t think or do the things which would hurt or harm others :)… Life is short why to give any time for regret :)…

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