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I don’t blame you for my pain,
its not your fault people play there sick twisted games.
Yea Im hurt and often cry,
as there’s a question to be answered (WHY).
What gives people the rite to put me through humiliation and shame?
I guess we’ll never know as me and him are not the same.
As a mother it must been hard for you,
not knowing the torture your baby girl went through.
You did the best you could,
you shone through with the love.
The monster he walked free,
not a shed of guilt, just the next victim whippee.
Hurt and anger is all I know,
Im a lovely person in time it will show.
Until then bare with me,
the time is rite Im set free.
so believe me when I say, i don’t blame you for any of this,
its just some people take the piss

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