You are Not the same

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I no you don’t see my pain,
as me and you are not the same.
You live in a world that is sick,
hurting people to get your kicks.

I often wonder what goes on in your head,
why such an evil live you’ve led?
What gives you the rite to take my sanity?
an innocent victim of your fantasy.

I often sit here and cry,
thinking of that dreaded question (WHY)
The judge he’s no better than you, he let you walk free,
no-ing what you did to me.

All the hurt and anger, I live through each day.
freedom is all I want, is there a way?
I don’t no how you go on, and live every day life?
as I’ve got to put up with the heartache and strife.

An apology wouldn’t go a miss,
but it would be more reason for you to take the pxxs.
I guess we’ll never be the same,
as you, your playing a sick twisted game.

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