My words of true love

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As I wake and think of you it gives me the biggest smile,
I try to lay and think of you trying to make it last a long while.
This makes me so happy for everything that you see in me,
It makes me realize that I will give everything unto you under any plea.
As I take that every breath each day, I need you to know that they are meant only for you,
If you were not a part of my life, my heart feel like it stop, and I would feel so down and blue.
This is a promise that I am making to you, because my words of True Love only come from deep inside,
And everyone will see this in us because of how I will treat you on the outside.
So as we live our lives together as one, this will make us feel like we are whole,
I am glad for today that you hear these words and that comes deep from within my soul.

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