Why did you

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O’ beloved, why did you have to go ?
Leaving me all alone, all by my own,
Why didn’t I recognize you?
Why did you behave so good when all you were was rude,
Why did you promise me your heart
and act so smart when all in fact you were a retard,
Why can’t you see the little pieces of my heart,
so hard to pick up those broken one’s
that you have scattered on the ground,
Why can’t you feel my pain,
tears filled my clothes with stains and hurt inside my veins?
Why did you leave me not to see a single star,
but a billion scars,
single moon but broken soon,
no hope but only tears that drop…

One thought on “Why did you”

  1. wow it is a good poem you wrote there.it is difficult to deal with a broken heart and all the unanswered questions.but soon it will not hurt that much anymore as it is at the start

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