Hero Dad

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DAD Dad,
You are the one who taught me everything,
You are the one who was beside me when I fall,
I will never forget to think about you,
As you are my special person in my life.
Dad, When you fall ill I feel down,
When you go out alone I feel scared,
But I just want to tell,
That I will be for you till the end.
Dad, Your jokes make us laugh,
Your worries make us cry,
But Im proud to say,
That you are always there as my father.
Dad, Im thankful to god for sending me,
a great father like you,
I shall never break your heart,
And you will always be my hero DAD!

5 thoughts on “Hero Dad”

  1. hello ms composer…i really like this poem u made…my dad passed away…it’s already 6yrs ago..i just missed my dad..so much!

    1. Thanks for your comment jeanne. I’m sorry to hear that your dad has passed away. Cheer up and be happy always.

  2. Wow, this is good. This is how it starts.Am sure you can make a pretty good poet with time.Thumbs up for you…I and the others are behind you.

  3. it had been 9 years since my dad passed away the pain gets less but the memories and wishes never ends i still miss him and wish for him to be here i still get dreams about him i love him very much but even though he is gone i will have him in my heart always

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