The Greatest Gift

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I’ve saw this land
From coast to coast
I’ve done so many things
I sit here now
As my mind reflects
On the memories it brings

The experiences
Of forty years
Come back a thousand fold
My treasures are
The memories
I’ll keep as I grow old

I sit here now
As I take them out
And I view this life of mine
I see all the things
That brought me here
To this moment in time

But of all the things
Reflected here
That brought to my life joy
By far the best
Without a doubt
Has been you My Boy

All the rest
Seems quite small
When compared to you
When I think of life
Without my Monkey Boy
I don’t know what I’d do

When I met your Mom
You were but five
Such a tiny little boy
And though so small
You were full of life
And you’ve brought to mine such joy

I recall one night
At a carnival
As you talked about some ride
The first time ever
You called me “Dad”
As you filled my heart with pride

For any man
Who’s worth his salt
Couldn’t help but love a child
With little eyes
So full of life
Whose antics were so wild

You’ve always had
To be in the middle
And you would always bring
A great big smile
And a crazy joke
To most any happening

With a unique way
Of seeing things
And humor always found
You’d make us laugh
‘Til our eyes would tear
As we rolled upon the ground

I sit here now
As I think of you
And all the times that we did share
From “Spotty Dogs”
To watching you
Dance in your underwear

I’m glad you were gone
The day Oscar died
To spare you from that pain
We’ll always miss
You’re Dalmatian “Dawg
With Spotted Shit For Brains”

And my heart it fills
‘Til it overflows
As the tears roll down my face
‘Cause I laugh so much
Yet I want to cry
Both at once in the same place

For words can not
Begin to express
All the things I feel inside
The memories
I’ll hold so dear
And I’ll treasure ‘till I die

There’s been no man
Ever more blessed
To greater prize was won
Than the gift that you
Have given me
To have you for My Son

And I’ll never forget
The day we wed
It made everybody smile
I lifted you up
In just one arm as
We three walked down that aisle

‘Cause on that day
By the grace of God
We started a new family
I can only hope
I gave back part
Of the love you’ve gave to me

And despite all
Your craziness
I know your thoughts run deep
But worry not
I’ll tell no one
For it’s our secret to keep

You see My Son
I know your heart
And with every thing you do
With every laugh
And every joke
Your shining heart shows through

You’ve always been
Such a delight
Our precious Monkey Boy
You’ve touched us all
To the very core
With your warmth and with your joy

And now I see you
Standing there
In your Army uniform
At six feet tall
Wearing the patch
Of the 82nd Airborne

And I’d love so much
To have you stay
But I know that you must go
You’ve got your own
Adventures to have
For our little boy has grown

Then in my mind
I recall the years
Through all the good and bad
The Lord He blessed
My life with you
The greatest gift I’ve ever had

And I know
Beyond a doubt
That all I did before
Is nothing in
Comparison to
When you walk through the door

No greater thing
I’ve ever done
No finer thing to be
Then to be the Dad
Of the fine young man
Standing right in front of me

And I’m amazed
To have been a part
Of the man that I see now
I hope I gave
Just something back
And enriched your life somehow

To pay you back
In some small way
In your debt I’ll always be
The laughter and
The warmth of heart
The hugs you gave to me

And if I gave
You anything
If I helped with any part
I pray it’s with
Your laughter and
Your loving warmth of heart

And when I’m gone
I quietly pray
Think of me from time to time
And know you’ve had
A special place
In this old heart of mine

‘Cause when I’m gone
I hope I’ll have
Some corner in your heart
My precious boy
Who’s meant so much
To me from the start

Now it’s your turn
To have adventures
As around the World you go
So Mom and I will
Keep the porch light on
And My Son we’ll miss you so

And I’ve got some things
You can take with you
If they’ll fit in your suitcase
Here’s your memories
Of growing up
In this simple country place

And here’s a hug
From all of us
To carry in your heart
We can’t give you
All of our love
You’ve had that from the start

And here’s a laugh
To keep inside
Save it for a rainy day
It’ll get you through
The darkest hours
That life will bring your way

So though we didn’t
Live in lavish style
Please take with you as you go
The memories made
In these old hills
Of a warm and loving home

Please keep and guard them
Close My Boy
For they will help you through
The good times and
The bad that life
Will surely bring to you

So pass my love
On down the line
And give it to your son
Give a laugh
And a hug from me
And Death will not have won

I owe so much
To you My Son
For all the warmth and joy
So Andy I say it
Loud and clear
“I love you, Monkey Boy”

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