I Built a Bridge across Darkness

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I built a bridge out of nowhere,
across nothingness and wondered
if there would be something on the other side.
I built a bridge out of fog,
across darkness and hoped that
there would be light on the other side.
I built a bridge out of despair,
across oblivion and knew that
there would be hope on the other side.
I built a bridge out of hell,
across chaos and trusted that
there would be strength on the other side.
I built a bridge out of hell,
across terror and it was a good bridge,
a strong bridge,
a beautiful bridge.
It was a bridge I built myself,
with only my hands for tools,
my obstinacy for supports,
my faith for spans,
and my blood for rivets.
I built a bridge,
and crossed it,
but there was no one there to meet me on the other side.

Bridge to Darkness

14 thoughts on “I Built a Bridge across Darkness”

  1. i like this poem because i remember the time that i went through when no one was there and i was alone

  2. Our destinies have been set at birth. After being shaped again and again Im back to social withdrawal and loneliness. To be shaped is a pain. So I like and understand this poem. All what we can do is to be with those who understand you knowing they are rare to find.

  3. its a very beautiful poem, I really enjoyed reading it,
    because I recognized myself and what I went
    through in a hard time in your poem.
    I understand that, first of how you have to build
    those bridges in moments of despair and darkness
    (in order to survive sometimes) and how hard
    it can be! But you manage sometimes, don't you?
    or sometimes too you don't,
    but how hard didn't you need someone
    to be there for you and with you
    who could understand you,or at least someone to
    “meet you on the other side”
    yeah, many things would have been
    Nice poem!

  4. I love that poem. I wrote one almost like that, with the bridge concept. except mine was strong while I was falling. So when I read this I was…. What a good writer. I think anyone who puts themselves out there, like in your poem, but isnt noticed.could understand what you are saying. I admire your writing


  5. I really liked this,its deep and makes you think.Poems like this has a plot and great ending..even tho it felt sad.Hope someday there is someone waiting for you on the other side..story shows that you earned it.:)

  6. that’s what I call poetic art.Every verse reminds me all the things happened to me for the last 8 years and Im still having the same situation as of now.But the writer gave soul to the poem I really like it.

  7. that’s really fukin deep man… makes me sad… reminds me of me
    sad n lonely but i finaly made a good frend
    first one and well nevr 4get eachuther and il alwayz be ther
    for her, but anything that hapns evn to my frend that arnt
    that close to me i get hurt by anything that hurts them
    so all theyr problems are on me too
    butI will never let them go until i help them all and solv
    all theyr probs… or die trying…
    the bridge concept is awesome but i try and leav the
    bridge building to Jeusus (unreligeous ppl plz don’t be offended
    im not tryn to convrt nobody im jus sayin wut i feel)
    cuz im not strong enuff by maself
    so He givs me strength and its awesome
    i hope one day you will find/build the write bridge and cross it
    and that there will be many loving, compassionate,
    helpful, understanding ppl waiting 4 you on the uther side
    and i also hope that they may meet you halfway across
    and go the rest of the way
    or evn cross the whole thing by yor side
    and best of all my one most powerful n loving being
    carry you the whole way across.

  8. jim, jim, jim…you seem a bit beyond this site…a bit beyond the pale. i respect that…rather, i apathize. would love to read more, you know this is certainly a relevant piece, full of talent, and charisma as well…and you would be selfish to deprive me of future works. :)

  9. It's a beautiful poem and it reminds me alot of myself. I couldn't help but kind of gasp in shock as I read it. It reminded me so much of me, it kind of scared me. I just wish I could put my feelings into such words as yours. So pretty…Le'sigh.

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