Love starts to die

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Every now and then,
Both women and men.
Meet and fall in love,
And ruin it in the end.
They think that it’s true love,
Something sent from above.
But then as time goes by,
The love starts to die.
And no one knows…..why!

16 thoughts on “Love starts to die”

  1. okay,,
    soo im n love w/ your poem! its soo true! i mean,, you
    think you love someone! but then again,, after
    something happens,, you start to hate them,, &&
    realize that you never really loved them,,
    they were jus their,, n your way,, && that you can
    doo better w/ out them! hurting you!
    i love this poem! you did in awesome job!
    sometimes! i wish i could write such awesome poems,,
    like this! that would be aweomse!
    <33 angela

  2. you should put a lot more of your poems on the internet bcuz you r really talentive and i writ poems myself to just writ me bach so we can get together and writ a few

  3. oh boy; i just love this poem. great work. it discribes life does not it? loving it. keep up the good work alright?

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