Hurt no more

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During the happiest days of my life,
I prayed to God you’d be my wife.
But now you’re gone,
And my heart is in pain.
My life went from great,
To being…..just plain.
And everytime I close my eyes,
I see your gorgeous face.
And now I pray to God,
My feelings……to erase.
Because with my feelings gone,
I will hurt no more.
And my little heart,
Will no longer be sore.

4 thoughts on “Hurt no more”

  1. Reading these poems make me regret all the pain that i’v cozd to others that truely loved me and have made me re-live all the pain that i’;v went through because of love.I think i’v found the one that i love and i never wana hurt him.i just hope he doesn’t break my heart into tiny pieces. keep up the good work guys….

  2. I love this poem so much…. It brought tears to my eyes. I could feel the love and the pain that was expressed in the poem.

  3. hey i really liked your poem. it made me cry when i
    read it. i feel for the things you write a lot.
    i think you are really good keep up
    i want to keep reading these poems
    that you write. so please don’t stop
    i write poems too but im to scared to put
    them on here cuz i don’t know what ppl will think

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