Full Circle To You

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15 Years After
The Question

I grew up here
In this little town
Like so many others do
With good and bad
Both in my life
As a million others too

In a troubled youth
I had Special Ones
Who helped me get through each day
But through it all
I never imagined
You were just a few miles away

I can’t help but wonder
Did we ever meet
Did our eyes ever lock before
Did you walk right past
While my back was turned
Or as I held open some door

My youth was rough
You know that now
Perhaps I saw yet couldn’t see
Or could it be that
It just wasn’t time
God was not yet finished with me

And Im not one
To go to church
I have no calling to be there
But my Higher Power
Speaks to me each time
I run fingers through your hair

I know not why
I had to live that life
To go half way round the World
Just to come right back
To this little town
To finally meet my Special Girl

The Lord He works
In mysterious ways
Of that fact I have no doubt
I often think He
Sent me into the World
To help me get my demons out

I think all the pain
Was to shape me into
The man He wanted me to be
To prepare me for
Spending life with you
Before He would give you to me

So He sent me out
Into the World
To go live it day by day
To feel the pain
So I’d know the joy
When I finally came back your way

So I lived out there
Some thirteen years
I absorbed all from life that I could
I saw wonderful sights
Survived terrible lows
More than I ever thought that I would

Yet through all those things
I still wasn’t whole
Something was still missing in life
I rarely did dream
But did often pray
To finally meet you my sweet Wife

Not ‘till I’d given up
And accepted the fact
That I was to live life alone
He’d turned a deaf ear
Or at least so I thought ‘til
You called one night on the phone

For hours we talked
Though never we’d met
At least not that we both do know
It was as if I’d
Known you my whole life
And from that one phone call we’d grow

And I took it slow
I was cautious you see
From the hurt I’d been through before
I wouldn’t survive
The pain one more time
Of watching Love walk out my door

I’d came to believe
That marriage vows were
Just “magic words” that people said
They just didn’t get it
It wouldn’t stand up
To living life both good and bad

Great patience shown
As you helped me believe
That forever was not just a word
That when you said
‘Til death do us part
I could believe what I’d just heard

Through each detail we went
We’d talk at great length
‘Til there was no stone left to turn
We spent many nights
Talking out on the porch
As the fire brighter did burn

And it’s been no picnic
I warned you my Love
A gallant steed I do not ride
Im no Prince Charming
Ever After’s a myth
But here Im still by your side

And through the years
Through our own troubled times
We’ve both done what we said we’d do
To learn all your faults
And your fears inside
Just brought me still closer to you

‘Cause I told you before
I wanted no Princess
A real person by my side to be
To learn of your faults
And that you’re human too
Just endears you that much more to me

Almost fifteen years
Since I read “The Question”
Since I got down on one knee
We’ve raised one great Son
And the other still home
And yet you still put up with me

And there’s nothing else
That touches my soul
Like having you still by my side
And nothing else reaches
Straight into my heart
Like the light shining within your eyes

Sometimes I think Love
Doesn’t come from the heart
It must live in the fingers you see
‘Cause I feel it gentle
Yet feel it so strong
Every time that your hand touches me

I know not how you do it
But Im glad you have
Stood by me through laughter and tears
And if you’ll still have me
And He will allow
I’ll see you in fifteen more years

‘Cause when the day’s done
In the still of the night
And as I drift off to sleep
I still am so grateful
That He finally gave me
Someone like you to keep

So please know My Love
That after all of the kidding
After all the bad joking I do
You’re still my Sweet Angel
And I thank Him still for
Bringing me full circle to you

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