Wonderful Yesterday

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lust, I lusted in yesterday’s down filled pillows
feel, I felt the light comfort of a partner that didn’t linger
that didn’t dwell
nor despair
maybe it’s age or the precipitation
I stopped relying in ways
that earth parted days
the rain saturates the rays in your eyes
memory became a case
mystery relentless but put to rest
hand picked daisies
as 26 years goes by
seemingly wonderful
caution, I carefully threaded mine filled land
Loss, I lost and found faith under the same blue sky
that didn’t dawn
nor dusk
maybe it’s meant to turn into dust
as many blown apart
I started to realize the open grip
the storm yet to come already claimed its name
yesterday’s flower became the evidence
revelation to youth awaken
hand picked daisies
another 9640 days in counting
seemingly wonderful
seemingly unforgettable
of tomorrow unpredictable

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