Lonely Little Oak Tree

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Im a little oak tree in a lonely forest
I have a thick big trunk and many green leaves
I have brown acorns that cover my tiny branches
Although I have no feet to walk far away
I have a flock of best friends around me
They are millipedes family who eat my fallen leaves
They are mice and squirrels who taste my delicious acorns
I even have wood lice who swallow my rotting wood
Birds nest on my branches and sing pleasant songs to me
Even the fox stays in my spacious hollow
My best friends are back from different places every day
and tell me of lots of amazing things that I never could see
I even have friends who help me get rid of my waste
Im not lonely anymore, and you?
Do you have such good friends like them as I do?


3 thoughts on “Lonely Little Oak Tree”

  1. Hey, I think your poem is really insightful and it takes a look
    outside of everyday life for us and i just wanted to add, I think
    its a great poem.

  2. i think my animal friends are friends with your animal friends so we should all be friends with our animal friends… personally.. the squirrels are my favorite.

  3. Hi,
    Im very happy to write you this letter.How are you and all your family?I hope every thing is moving fine to you all.I am also fine to.
    To start with,I must first ask you to be my friend in the world.
    Hope to hear from you soon.
    Thank You.
    fuseini sulemana

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