The Things I Never Had

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The things I relearn, relearn
and relearn again
The lessons I could never
get in my head
come round every
so many years
hoping my brain
finally hears

For my mind is filled
with dreams and visions,
deep profound thoughts,
and spiritual inspirations
So many messages
on my blue wings
toss practical thoughts
and mundane things

The technical mechanics
the boggling unrest
the business as usual
the mainstream of life
I fear that I’ll never
have toughness or presence
The things that proletariats
live for in essence

I miss the daylight
of ordinary life
love, babies, cats, dogs,
white houses, green lawns
The things most people
cherish the most
the dinners, baseball
the great wedding toast

In my older years
will I finally get it
the basics of life
and how you
should live it
We’re all different
the therapists say
Will I finally reach
the edge of my dark days

Will I get intact
and rise to a steady life
earning money wherever,
have a family, red car,
and good friends
Getting all kinds of things
that I earn
to receive all the nice
parts of life that I yearn

This has been troublesome
I pray hard for all of this
The coming of age,
while my heart’s let down and torn
I want to have what
everyone should
Love and life
that is simple and good



One thought on “The Things I Never Had”

  1. I really like the intro to your poem. It is very true how we often have to relearn from our mistakes. I guess deep down and side we open things do not happen as they once did, but it is a disappointment when they do!

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