Spark In The Dark

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Just take a knife, just stab and twist
Please, please do it, it would be less pain than this
I’d rather take a drug a shot or a pill
I’ll take anything now, as long as it’ll kill
My hearts gotten so dark and now it’s a stone
no more loving, I just want to be alone
This demented darkness is where I now reside
There’s no escaping it, there’s nowhere to hide
I trusted you with everything and it turned out like this
You pushed me over the edge, now I’ve fallen into the abyss
A place that is dark, so desolate and cold
There’s nothing here but ashes of my memories to hold
Memories that used to be joyous, filed with light
Now come with the darkness, tears, and the fright
My trust has died, my will has fled
This has hurt me more, than you could ever comprehend
You’ve filled me with this poison, like a deadly adder
I wish I could forget, act like it doesn’t matter
Forget and be free of this state
I cannot accept this as my fate
When I encourage myself to stand proud and tall
Your twisted demons surround me and make me fall
deeper and deeper into this tragedy
I struggle to grab on to the last piece of my sanity
I continue to rise and climb up to get away from here
To the promising light beckons me near
I’m climbing up and out of this dark pit
There is a spark keeping the candle of hope lit
The light is shining down, like a hand stretched to me
I grab a hold and it sets me free
I bathe in the light with a lingering shadow
I will walk into the promise of a new tomorrow.

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