Apocalypse of the Heart

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It’s that time that we all fear
The Apocalypse is now drawing near
Please my love come with me on a ride
Please my love run away with me and we shall hide
The end of our world has just begun
Our universe like a thread has become undone
Let us not ever forget our past
Let us survive on in the ashes of aftermath
While our world is consumed by war
Rivers, valleys, forests, dried up and burned they are no more
So my love stay close, come and follow
So my love, we escape to a better tomorrow
Together hand in hand we embrace the coming dawn
For us to be free from being the devils pawn
The world is covered in a foggy blanket of death
The world is to suffocate, to gasp its last breath
Oh my love don’t fly into this gravity
Hold on to me, and keep our dying sanity
It’s true that this will leave us scarred
I know, our world, our life is tattered and marred
That dark deadly light that blinded and shone
Minds exposed, we to ever live in the Radioactive zone
Our withered bodies breakable as sandcastle
Our hearts will shatter and crack, they are so fragile
My love try to ignore this most painful fright
Together escape to the promising shadows of night
So please let us share our love and let try to pretend
As if we really do not know,
That this our most tragic end

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