Heart of mine

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Why won’t you let me fall in love .
Oh heart of mine
Why don’t you trust ,
Why don’t you believe ,
That some one’s there for all of us.
Damn can’t you see,
I’m Tired of the fun and games
That sinful joy we get from lust.
They’re not just tears
It’s more like pain,
That starts within
Eyes bleed when it rains.
And my biggest fear
You’ll Hurt me , hurt me
You know I’ll never strike back
Jump, and dance to the beat
Of the music I cant hear
Stop the commotion
Show me another emotion
Cause it’s never to late
To let go of the hate
I want the long nights of talking
The topics worth remembering
Dates and anniversaries
What I’m tryna say
Damn can’t you see
Oh greedy me
I want it all.
Oh heart of mine
Why can’t I fall in love.

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