True Friend

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You can make and find friends easily
But they may not be your true friends
There are friends who you can go out,
talk and have fun with
Who will treat you nice
But you never know who the real ones
and the fake ones
When I met this girl, called Beth
Seemed to be mean
But when I got to know her
I was sure I have found my real friend
She has never jealous with me
Has never talked about
me behind my back.
She can keep secrets
The one who I can trust
She is always there for me
not only through good times
But also through bad times
Unlike some friends that are just there
through good times,
don’t really care when you are down.
A true friend for me is someone like Beth.

5 thoughts on “True Friend”

  1. its good for you to be able to tell everyone how you
    feel about your best friend.just wanted to say that
    i like your poem!!!!!!

  2. girl i just recognized……
    this is my cousin…. why didn’t you tell me that
    you wrote poems on the internet… you know
    what im gonna put mine on there!!!!!!!!!!!
    love you

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