Your stray bullet

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Last night, we put on the cruise control
and switched on the autopilot

Travelled thru the night
just me and you
with the moon overhead

Caught by your stray bullet
I lost sight and direction
Caught by your stray bullet
I found a connection

We were in the presence of memories
flashing cameras
capturing moments

In a perfect world
there was no timeframe
In a perfect world
tomorrow wil have never come

Now i sit here today
empty room…. me and my pen

Digging myself deeper
my words are always free
Digging myself deeper
It’s so typical of me

Back at the start
Im pushing away
I hope you kept a place in memory

I will be here
but keeping hope is tough
I will be here
when will that be enough

17 thoughts on “Your stray bullet”

  1. I really like the way you write. Its really insparational.
    you got good talent. I like to write but I find how you
    write and the way you do it motivating. You must
    Be really motivated. I only write when Im depressed
    Or motivated. Well I like your Work

  2. What a good poem has you write !!But A Bad point is your……………………..Grammar mistake it should be : Travelled thru the night
    just you and me with the moon overhead.But you wrote Travelled thru the night
    just me and you
    with the moon overhead.

  3. When you write poems grammar is not the most important thing since writing poems is a very creative job (I didn't mean poor grammar though) There are other points the poet needs to balance other than grammar after initial creation. However the comment is appreciated I suppose. The poet will be more likely to take the comment as a positive advice by what I know about the poet. Long time no talk, Jones. Happy New Year!

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