A Dream Come True

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A life time spent searching,
Searching for something of myth,
The missing pieces to my heart.
On the edge of the world ready to let go,
I found what I had been missing.

My heart whole once more,
The emptiness filled,
and my love for her swelled.

My dream has to come true,
everything I wanted she is.
I am like the moon and her the sun,
with out her I would not shine,
with out her I would would be dark.

like no one else has she has changed my life.
she has made me believe in love once more,
given me life like never before,
id give her anything,
just to be her everything.

there isn’t a girl in the world who can compare,
the only girl at which I cant help but stare,
she is my one and only.

One thought on “A Dream Come True”

  1. If you want something, you have to be constantly looking out for that one opportunity. And if you don’t look for it, we will never get what we want. It’s true that love can happen twice and if we actually find the love second time, then we should always make sure to cherish that love forever. Not everyone is blessed with second opportunity, and the ones who are, they must be really lucky. Loving someone is good, but, being loved by someone is awesome and it’s really a dream come true feeling…

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