What I Feel

My head is pounding
My heart is aching
I don’t know why
I feel so lonely
For a while I was lost
I could not feel a thing
I tried so hard, but I could not fake
Cos I don’t fake.

It hurt so much
It does hurt bad
Sometimes I cry
Sometimes I smile
Sometimes I get scared if losing you.

Is this LOVE,what I feel?

It can’t be…

I need to wake up!

This can’t be happening to me.

I hate it and I love it.
But I don’t want it.
It is too deep.
It kind of hurt in a pleasant way.
I wanna wake up.
Wake without this feelings.

Come to think of it.
you might not even feel this way about me.
Maybe It is Just a joke to you.
Maybe I took you way to seriously.

I think I will pretend it is a joke too.
We are both acting.
That way it might hurt less
and it might be easier
Well I might not feel like so tomorrow
Cos tomorrow is full of surprises.

Maybe it is okay to feel this way once a while

Maybe I am missing you so much
It can be so lonely …
So frustrating too… So much uncertainty…
Fear of what lies ahead…

Maybe I Just let things be
One day at a time.
What will be will be
I will hold on to the knowledge that for now,
What we feel is real.
Even if it fades…
I will forever cherish the fact that it was, and it was as real as can be.

2 thoughts on “What I Feel”

  1. It’s can be so difficult and nerve wrecking thing to tell someone what we feel about them, what we fear the most is the fear of rejection and that one thing stops us from taking that crucial step, and we try to hide the feeling deep inside our heart without letting anyone know what feelings we have for them. But I have always felt and still feel is, may what comes it’s always better to tell the person what we feel. Because ‘fear not that one day our life will come to an end but rather fear that our life won’t be having another beginning’.

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