Lonely One Life

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Walking by a cardboard shelter,
you hear a quiet plea’
bothered and in a rush, you ignore him’
and continue walking.
He’s homeless and continues searching the floor for scraps,
he’s helpless and continues searching the sky for hopes.
Sure he might take your coins,
to buy drugs and alcohol,
…..but only if it numbs the pain
…..and if only for a second.
He didn’t choose this life
Im sure you’ve made mistakes too,
But it’s too late to change it now,
he’s too far to go back anyhow.
While you worry about rush hour traffic,
he worries about surviving the night,
and while you cry over a spill on your new suit,
he cries when thinking about his family,
….his father who passed away
….his alcoholic mom who disowned him long ago.
His lonely eyes fill with tears,
as the heroin addiction takes hold once again.
One thing you both have in common,
you both have one life to live,
no where to turn
no way to go back
no one to love
nothing to hope for
…..One life.

11 thoughts on “Lonely One Life”

  1. Wow, this was a really awesome poem, it makes you think and it makes you want to give that man your spare change even though like you said he might spend it on drugs or booz this was a really good poem, thank you for sharing it! I truly loves it. -nat

  2. This poem is really deep. Makes you look at reality in a different way and understand things you didn't before. Awsome talent.

  3. wow dude that poem was like totaly deep this was the last poem i read for that night and i had a dream and put myself in the man you described shoes and i woke up in terror and just ahd to post it up……man that’s a really good poem i will think of it next time i pass a homeless man at the bryn mayr train station in chicago……thank you

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