I Know

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You say that you are broken and lost?
You say that you have nothing left in cost?
You say that no one understands you?
That no one can comprehend your view?
Well, listen to me if you will please,
A moment that might put you at ease.
With pain and despair that burns inside
Living each day with a sighed,
I truly understand your reason
Why you feel like you live in treason.
I, too, had feel like you today
For many of my days were too, grey.
But know that the world will not change
For we are always, in its eyes, strange.
But despite our very own ignorance,
We can still always find tolerance.
Like the sun that shines through the dark rain,
You will make it through without a strain.
The pain is only for a moment,
For time will never become frozen.
The ache in your chest is temporary,
Giving you strength and honorary.
You will make it through these cold, dark days.
I know very well your heart will blaze.
The end is near right before your eyes.
I know, for you, there’s a waiting prize.
Once the pain is all over and gone,
Soon you will smile without a yawn.
Why do I know, you may wonder so?
Because I understand your sad woes.
I know because I have been there too.
And I’m on the edge of making it through.

2 thoughts on “I Know”

  1. Great Inspirational words! I really liked it and felt it whole-heartedly, now-a-days people easily get discouraged when they fail in something, which can be anything, failing or losing in life or love. But they don’t understand that there is always a way out for each and every problems. Problem does come with solutions. So, rather than making our own life painful it’s better to start again with a new beginning. Nobody said life can be travelled easily, if there are no ups and downs then actually life becomes boring. A roller coaster ride is always a fun even though some don’t try it fearing they will fall, but, the ones who try it ask them how it feels to be on the top of the world. ;) So, to conclude all I would say to those people out there who thinks this is the end of their life. NO, it’s not. It’s just the end of one chapter and there are many more interesting chapters to come which you need to explore. Like the words here says: Like the sun that shines through the dark rain, you will make it through without a strain. :)

    Thanks a lot for sharing this Inspiring poem. :)

  2. WOW. just wow. this is truly great. you take the darkness and you see through it to the light. you are an optimist in every letter f the definition.

    I loved the poem cause I have very much so through out my life felt like no one understands or cares. so your words really hit me. I understand every line with complete clarity.

    I will start reading what else you have written to experience your other thoughts, and I would like it if you read the few that I have written and comment on what you think.

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