A Waltz in Recovery

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Dance with the devil

Play with the flame

Feelings can’t touch you

When it’s only a game.


Let’s flirt with danger

Just to tempt fate

Forget the future

Caution can wait.


Avoid your demons

Run from the past

Smile at destruction

Die young, live fast.


Your mind is a prison

The key made of ice

You pray for escape

And then pay the price.


Misery caught you

Lonesome, you cry

Reality sets in

You’re living a lie.


Lost in regret

Consumed by no hope

You’re shaking and soulless

Unable to cope.


Screaming with silence

You slip on a lie

And stripped of your dignity,

“help me,” you cry.

2 thoughts on “A Waltz in Recovery”

  1. Jesse,

    I feel I know you from your poetry. It is heartfelt and touching.
    You have a wonderful talent of expression in your writing. I feel that you write from your heart, and my heart aches for you. You have much sadness and self doubt in your life. You need to know that God loves you, and can pull your head above the clouds. (Hope I didn’t loose you with the “God” word) You need to be around people who can see the goodness of your heart, your talent, and your potential. You need a hug, and I wish I were there to give you one.
    I have written a lot of poetry, and a lot of my writings have been published.
    Check out my website at rontranmer.com
    I challenge you to try writing some positive and uplifting poetry.
    I’d love to keep in touch with you to give you encouragement and direction,
    if you’re up to it.


  2. It was a good read, Jesse. Every person in their life has their own problems and we have to face it. Nobody is blessed with a peaceful life, they might be happy from outside but inside there could be some sort of problems; there are no exceptions. If everyone is happy then no one will ever believe in God. We need to face each and every situation with gratitude and wear a smile. Your wordings in the poems have clearly state the traumas in each individual’s life; but one should learn to live and love with what they have and try to be happy.

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