You Are

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You are the twinkle in my eyes.

The joy inside my heart,

The glow upon my face.

and the tears when we’re apart.


You are the smile upon my lips

with each kiss, fresh and new.

You are My knees that bend in prayer

when I thank God for you.


You are the music to my ears.

I’m captured by your charms.

My head thinks it’s in heaven

when I hold you in my arms.


You are the dancing in my feet

when I am next to you.

You are the essence of my dreams,

and you’ve made them all come true.


You are the very air I breathe,

and reason for my being.

Every part of me agrees…

You are my everything!


I love you .

2 thoughts on “You Are”

  1. I have read many poems which explain their feelings for their love and I need to tell you this poem was little from rest of them and I really liked. The title itself ‘You are’ enlightened me, each and every line with the starting phrase ‘You are’ made me feel like wow your better half is really the lucky one and I am sure you would have made her read your poems and I am sure your love will feel really glad. :) I hope to see many more great like poems like this in coming days. Thanks again for sharing this beautiful piece with us. :)

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