Hand In Hand

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Hand in hand we’ll walk together

throughout this earthly life,

and find joy in every footstep

that we take as man and wife.


We’ll take time to smell the roses

as we journey side by side.

Our love will be our strength

and our God will be our guide.


We’ll climb each hill along the way

and every one we’ll conquer,

knowing that life’s challenges

will make our love grow stronger.


Then when our journey’s ended,

we’ll rejoice in God’s great plan

as we walk the streets of heaven

together… Hand In Hand.


Ron Tranmer

One thought on “Hand In Hand”

  1. Love is all about loving each other endlessly with no sort of expectations. Love is when both of them can stand for each other may what come; they lend their support and care for each other. Nobody said love can be an easy thing to deal with but people who love truly know this fact and they face any challenges they come across and conquer everything just to win their love for each other and prove this world that hand in hand together we can conquer everything. This poem made me feel again that yes true love still exists when people are ready to do anything and everything for making their love story a success and set an example for others in love.

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