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Last night we stumbled
And I try not to grumble.
Yet I fear things may begin to crumble,
So, I start to speak in a mumble.

You say, you don’t want to hope,
And I think that’s just another hurdle.
One, that just needs to be coped,
For us to stop this wicked tumble.

I know just they key,
That will take us out to sea.
It involves a plea,
That you and me,
Have some glee.

There’s just one easy way to start,
You just need the right partner.
I’m hoping that I can be your heart,
And fill it with loads of laughter.

I do this for you,
Because what I feel is true,
I say – I love you,
Even if it seems so new.

I want to cherish you
And scream yahoo ~
So, without further ado,
Let me begin to woo,
Until you and I become glued.

One thought on “Stumbling”

  1. When we love someone with our whole heart, we try to do everything and anything for that person just to see her happy and try to make her life complete. Sometimes we fall to that extent when we forget to love ourselves by pouring our heart out to them. Need to say love has got that power which can make someone to go to any extent. And when all things fall in place and both people understand each other than their life is really blessed. This poem got the touch of such a loving person who could do every possible thing to keep his love happy.

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