Untitled by Herofil Olarte

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Like lily on a steady water

Underneath the shadowy tree

No sunshine and feeling so lonely

Butterflies, Dragonflies whatever

Oh dear, whispering sweetly

And tickles me temporarily

But sad to say the truth is

They came but no one stays

Perhaps I will grow old here

And perish someday

But I won’t forget to remember

You once came

To cherish my darkest day!

4 thoughts on “Untitled by Herofil Olarte”

  1. Though the poem was short but it really touched my heart, it’s so difficult to feel the pain of loneliness, when someone came one day and made our life so beautiful which can be cherished till our last breathe and when that person leave us midway, it so heart-wrenching which cannot be expressed in words but only can be felt by someone who had went through this or still going through this. Ask a person who has lost someone close to him recently, his eyes will speak and who will know the answer yourself…

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