My rhythm to friendship

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My rhythm to friendship
is the beat of your feet
I love the sense of the sound
which makes me think of you all around
wherever we meet
there is always a wisdom in friendship
that feels the world with encouragement
to be part of our friendship

12 thoughts on “My rhythm to friendship”

  1. i just want to say something why don’t everyone say whats really the truth i know A LOT OF POEPLE THAT JUST LIE PLEASE SAY WHAT you REALLY THINK

  2. hey girl i love this poem its for real soem friends r fake i really like it and
    if you have some more girl i would love to read them because i really like
    reading poems and stuff so just send me the poems and i will read them
    for show

  3. this is alittle crazy it sounds like your in love with your
    friend and i don’t understand it much but you need to work on the

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