She is my best friend

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She is my best friend
I have known her since year r
she shines like a star

she never lets go of pink
she is a wonderful thought to think
she is my best friend we will never let go
and we will always link.

20 thoughts on “She is my best friend”

  1. hey this poem is good until the end you say “she is my best friend we will never let go and we will always link” hunny your trying to fit every think into that little line and you cannot always do that sometimes you can and it fits and sounds rite but hunny that don’t sound as well as the other but its good so hunny keep up the good work and keep trying!

  2. Dude That was really bad I mean atleast ask someone in your family
    or something so you can see that its decent atleats to post up on a website.
    You should find a new hobbie!! Who ever said you have a way with words??
    Or a good mind for poetry?? If it was your mom I understand she doesn't
    want to hurt you but, ask for the truth before you post it up i'll give you a 2/10
    (for trying) Work Harder!! Much harder!! – Anonie Moose

  3. man guess wat? Learn how to write poems See that’s way better than yours
    and I made it up in like 5 seconds and by the looks
    of your poem yours was done in 5 seconds also.

  4. I really like your poem. I’ve won many awards for my writing and i think people that are dising this girl will have problems cause i think your writing will be amouse one day.

  5. look “vanessa” if you want to post a message
    write your surname or something next to it cause
    i don’t want people thinking i wrote that comment.
    btw you shouldnt give up on poetry just…….
    ask for help next time kk

  6. I’ve 2 questions. First, are you a girl or a boy, And second what were you thinking about writing a poem like this. I mean seriously when i read this poem i thought all you trying to do is rhyme words together. Girl, boy, whatever you are.. give UP!!! you STINK!

  7. nice poem. I think it is great when your in a relationship with your best friend, it is the best of both worlds!

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