Truly are a star

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Stars are bright and shiny,
for everyone to see,
you truely are a star indeed
especially to me.
And when the night is dark,
and light should seldom show,
you brighten up my world
with your warm and happy glow.
So when people put you down
and say you’re not worth a bar,
you just tell them I said,
“you truely are a star.”

4 thoughts on “Truly are a star”

  1. The poem is great. Especially for the first three sentence. As for the last sentence, it seem not matching to the rest.
    Keep it up.

  2. Hey that was such a sweet poem. I felt like why I am not blessed with a person like this who could always be with me and lend me a helping hand whenever I am feeling down. I think not only for me but for everyone it would be a wish and I am sure for whomsoever this poem is dedicated that person is really lucky :) … thanks a lot for sharing it :)

  3. nice poem! I love how you say that you should always remember that your a star regardless of what people tell you! I love this poem especially since there are so many haters in the world!

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