Poisoned Memory

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Poisoned Memory
This aching throbbing deadly pain
Keeps running coursing through my vein
Its spreading deeper to my core
Suffocating my life’s no more
It’s breaking down my mental wall
Slowly dying you mock my fall
I can’t get rid of this parasite
I am loosing this perilous fight
This venoms purpose is to kill
Make me weak, make me ill
I feel it sucking all my power
My heart is spoiling, starting to sour
The Darkness is spreading to my soul
Nothing can help me, make me whole
I shriek and scream but no one listens
Voices whisper laugh good riddance
Vanished gone’s my will to live
There’s no more strength for me to give
My hand retracts from the antidote
Letter of goodbye is the last I wrote
Red liquid drip drip drops to the floor
I feel my back slide down the door
Slowly my life is draining …ebbing
Gently I feel myself descending
No longer to be cold and lonely
I feel the Darkness come to console me
A Secret hidden in my final breath
With arms stretched open I welcome Death
My Heart, my Soul, they’re finally free
From  your poisoned memory

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  1. It’s really disheartening when we love someone more than ourselves; when we think this was the best thing ever happened to us, but when the only person whom we had, whom we cared and loved so much one day leave us, everything changes to worst where life itself start to slog. Living becomes a pain to us; need to face every single day like for what we are living for and for whom. But life was not meant to live like this, not everybody are so lucky to be blessed with a life. If we don’t get we love, why not try to love what we have?

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