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Life wasn’t going well.
It was all but swell.
I wanted it all to end.
All I wanted was a friend.

I had heard of the Devil and his deals.
I thought he’d understand how it feels.
I pleaded with him for a good life.
Without knowing it would cause me strife.

I made a deal with the Devil.
Hoping in my life I would soon revel.
Instead I lost what mattered most.
And now I’m nothing but a ghost.

This isn't actually about me. I write this poem for my English class when we learned about Faust.

One thought on “Faust”

  1. A beautiful message for everyone who are planning to take a evil path thinking as a shortcut to achieve success in their life. You actually did a great work by sharing this poem with us and I hope this should work as an inspiration for people to strive hard for achieving everything even if they face hundreds of hurdles in their way, never lose hope and work towards your goal. And regarding the loneliness, keep doing good things and try to be happy always. Never harm anyone then no one will ever feel lonely and they will be making good friends too.

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