Only with time

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It’s was time for me to end this

It was time for me to find peace

I wasn’t gonna find it with you
So I let myself lose you
All the drama
All the pain
It’s doubt anything
It’s not the same
I am happy
In a better place
Lots of green.
Lots of grey .
Shatter my heart
It’s empty inside
It was left in pieces
It’s was done easily
But I am happy
Yes I am
I tell myself this everyday
I don’t shed tears
You’ve forgotten through out the years
I’m not your girl
I’m no longer here
It was hard for me to know
I had a life
I had to let go
Just remember you won’t be missed
I’m heartless
For all you can see ..

One thought on “Only with time”

  1. We have got just one life to live then why to make it miserable for the sake of other person who never bothered to value and respect us. And I think this poem conveys all, just forget and move on there is a life for you a beautiful life which is not worth missing. People sometimes go blind in love and forget to live their own life and think it’s a wonderful thing to live for our love. I agree it’s wonderful but when you don’t get what you want, it better to quit rather than sticking to it. One should learn to love themselves first then they no longer have to long for others love.

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