What do I have to do?

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What do I have to do?
I can’t tell you
Use your brain
To see Im in pain
Agony in fact
Has deep impact
Crushing hopes dreams and ambitions
With no inhibitions
You could at least try
To stop shouting when I cry
To stop nagging when Im down
Or stop talking when I frown
Work with me
Not against me
Push me along
Not back to where Im from
Im trying so hard to pick myself up
But Im stuck
And you’re not helping

What do I have to do?
To show I need you
I can’t kneel on the ground
You’ll kick me around
My insides already bruised and broken
My words already spoken
Your ears always shut
And you can’t even look
At the daughter that came from you

You must be ashamed

So am I

57 thoughts on “What do I have to do?”

  1. Millyem,
    i know how you feel i feel the same way to but
    the only reason they yell when your crying its not like
    they don’t understand its just they don’t want
    you to have to feel that way!! i'm only 13 and i've
    been through 3 yrs of being severely depressed!
    i know its not fun and it really hurts inside but you
    will make it through!! i know you might not do this
    but i'm just sayin don’t cut yourself its the devil
    that’s controlling you that makes you do it
    and its not worth it b/c god is there for u, you just
    might not see it so just be true to yourself
    and never look back and just be yourself!!

  2. wow. I love this poem. I can really relate to that cause I'm going through it right now. My mom always gets angry at me because of everything I do and then at one point basically it felt like the whole world was against me because my family could only say bad things about me that aren't even true and my friends pretty much turned their backs on me for a while and I felt alone and depressed and just really worthless. I've been trying to be normal and happy again but my family still constantly puts me down and then the other day my mom wouldn't stop yelling at me and I broke down and cried and she just kept screaming and finally somthing else got her attention and she quit yelling and it took me a few minutes to stand back up and stop crying. Whenever I get really depressed and upset and hurt I just go to my room and listen to music, write poems (i don't post them online), and think about things and cry and after I cry I feel better cause I let some of how I feel out.

  3. Hey,
    ok i like the peom it makes alot of sense and i can
    tell it actually has a purpose. alot of poems that i
    read have no purpose of being written! Hope that
    your feeling alot better about your dad. ( Im
    hopeing that the poems was about you dad other
    wise i am a dumb-ass).But any ways i write alot of
    poems, but thinking them up and all the words making
    sense is tricky! Good luck in the future.


  4. wow! that’s such an amazing poem. it totally relates to my life. even tho im a man. it touched me seriously. i want to thank you for writing this and posting it so i could read it. it totally made me think about my own life. i know this might not sound “manly” but i cried once i read it. yes Im very sensative but still. thank you again. Uve helped me in ways you cannot imagine.

  5. I love your poem! it rocked the werid thing about your name is that
    my nick name is em and another is Milly! well g2g goodbye z

  6. Wow this is exactly how i feal,my mom is exactly what i thought of when i read this
    poem and i just can't get her to listen i don't tell n e one about it and i've only broke down
    in front of her a couple of times cuz when i can control myself i wait till i get to my room
    cuz if she sees me she just makes fun of me after she yells or i just go to my room before
    she hits me and what realy gets to me is she tells ppl about it and starts laphing but i just don't
    tell ppl about it cuz i know i will get out of it in a couple of years and never need to come back.
    till then i'll just take it no mater how many times i think of ending it cuz i know i'll end up with a beter life.
    gtg she's comein' home in a couple minites and when she's home i can't be doing n e thing unless she said so.

  7. Wow this is a great poem i can relate to this soo well omg i guess your poem put wat i'm feelin into words which was wat i couldnt do~thank you

  8. i think that that should be my name where the author goes…this poem is me? what i think, feel , and those same words..Im ashamed and those involved and those who are “friends” that are constantly with me should be too…for this is not michelle and they know..but sooo into themselves to say or to just talk….but just one fact is known to all…where would they be if not for my words, my ears, my shoulder, my strength (then)!!! like the song “Where were you when i needed you most!”

  9. Amazing poem, I must say. The thing about its that such simple, everyday words have so much meaning.
    The subject is also a very sensitive one, and it was bound to grab attention. Very nice.

  10. This is really a great poem it really explains my relationship between my dad and i so i know how you feel, now that I’ve read your magnificient poem i will soon be giving it to my dad after he sends me off because he dosent want me anymore! THank-u so much and you did a wonderful job!

  11. that poem is deep I was depressed last year to da point where I just wanted to disapear I was alone no one understood me but some how I still had a little hope in me and I tried and tried to keep my head up I never gave up now look my life isnt as bad I don’t regret nothing I went thru cause it has made me so much stronger, so that’s one big advice I give you to always keep your head up think positive everything is goin to b ok

  12. Wow, you have an amazing ability. I write alot of poems myself but the truthfulness and honesty in this one blew me away. Sounds like you know where you want to be just gonna find the road to take you there

  13. Hi, i jst wna say your poem rokd and it rele expressed my situation right now as well. Every thing you put in the poem is exactly how i fl and Im sorry your going through it aswell, im glad sumone understands me love mel xxx

  14. you're really talented. i can really relate…especially teh part 'you could at least try to stop shouting when i cry.” you've helped me realize im not alone!!

  15. Girl. You put it down. You know exactly what your writing. Your awesome with your words. That poem made me stop and think, that your totally right. Keep your head up, things will go your way. Just keep writing like that. You have talent. Peace out and Be good. Much love, Laterz

  16. hey your peom was really good. I'm looking for ideas for lyrics. I'm in a band and was looking I think it would be a great song. That' all I wanted to say though. Great job.

  17. Gosh, I really love this poem. It's great how you can write your feelings. I wish I had your ability! I’ve felt this way before, but I just kept praying to God to help me and he did. God is always there. All you have to do is want him to help you and he will. I'm praying that you will soon be able to not feel the way you feel at this moment. I know it's hard!

  18. hi im brittany and i can really fell this poem deep down cuz I’ve been through the same thingsthe peot isgoing through i feel that this peom should be read to every young girl in the united states i love the peom so it great

  19. Wow, this poem is like… my whole life in a
    compact shell. It's amazing yet really crappy that so many people relate to this poem, and it sucks a lot, and I feel you on this one.

  20. i want you to know, that even though rite now, you might feel like the only wat to get out is to die, there are other options, like your friends, but you have to know the right pople to choose to be your friends. But don’t worry, wen a real friend is there, you'll know…

  21. this is a great poem, I guess your right about it all
    your poem must do a lot to you when you write,
    I hope that you have more because I like how you
    set this up and I could read it so easily that it makes
    me feel the same way.

    Of all things, you should continue on and don't stop,
    I hope that your own problems don't continue out of hand…

    E_mail me please,

  22. hey i've seen a lot of people relate to your poem..which is very expressive, now i know i'm not alone in the world thank you…i can say it's me today

  23. I really can understand where you are comming from. My dad is the same what and sometimes it feels like he does not even try to understand. He always yells at me when i cry, but i cannot controll how he makes me feel. thank you for writing this now i know that im not alone.

  24. i like your poem it reminds me of my closest homegirl she goes thru alot of stuff specially with her parens shes even thought bout killin her self!!!

  25. this is a very good poem indeed and it brings a lot of memories to me of what i lived through before.it is touching and it is real.

  26. I can feel your pain while reading this poem! So sad! Hope you stay positive throughout your life. Know that even though people may not be there for you like you wish they were, you can always find power within yourself to be there for yourself

  27. Fair
    Fair no neverits been like that forever no matter how hard you try you’ll probably start to cry fair no never.no sexism here but something quite clear fair no never.sorry your to old I think that’s quite cold but nobody actually cares . Fair no never . From the time of dinosaurs you’d think theyed let out a loud roar. Fair no never.

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