Goodbyes and love

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Goodbyes are the last words we want to say,

but I had to move on into another day.


Where heartache was.. it hurt so bad,

I learned to let go even though it was



It hurts to see you trying to get with

other girls, When I thought I only

belonged in your arms.


I do see now, it’s time to see that

it just simply couldn’t be..


I can’t be sad and I can’t go back

so I took my heart down this empty

unfulfilled path.


I’ve found where my heart belongs

and while it slowly hurts I’m starting

to move on.


Someday, I’ll find someone to cherish

and hold with all my love to offer without

saying no.


To care and love for with all of me, I’ll

learn to love again and be able to see a new



Deep in my heart I stored these words,

where my love will never fade within

this cold cold world.


For my time is short and things

Won’t last so I’m not going to waste it

thinking about my past.

Love is all that matters in the end..

4 thoughts on “Goodbyes and love”

  1. After a long time I came across such an heart-whelming poem which spoke about the pain one goes through when someone leaves us whom once we thought they are our world. But the fact is we need to move on since we have only one life to LIVE and you did right thing :) I was touched by this line of yours “I can’t be sad and I can’t go back so I took my heart down this empty unfulfilled path.” But at the time I am happy you don’t have to go through the ordeal lifelong. You’ll find the right person soon and you’ll be blessed with loads of love. :)

  2. Yes, All these words came from a pain of love in my life but you basically said all of it (: The night I wrote this poem I just spilled out all my emotions and I did realize while writing it, life is amazing just moving on from these challenges! :) I’m so glad you liked that line and my poem as well I have many more to share and I’m so glad I can impact people with my words (: And thank you!!!

  3. This was Beautiful. Amazing even. if this is your passion you have a talent for it. Where as i have a passion for poetry my words are often not that great. some times i have good poems but other times the seem inconsistant and off topic. i still try to write good poetry. i hope some time you will read my poems and see what you think? Again amazing poem.

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