Remember To Smile

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Whenever you’re feeling down,
or have the urge to frown.
Just take a peek at me,
and wait for the glee.

For you see;

Things may be tough,
or maybe even a little rough;
but it’ll never be enough,
to make you eat that sweet stuff.

You’re diet aside;
always keep in mind,
i’ll be here to provide
laughter of a certain kind,
even when you’re old and blind.

All it would take
Is a hefty reminder,
And maybe some steak
With a bit of some tasty cake.

I’d just have to point out,
That laughter and a smile,
are way better then a pout,
Or running that extra mile.

So won’t you be happy,
Or do I have to write another?
It would probably be crappy,
just like my little brother

Hopefully, right now
You’re feeling better
I’d hate to have to vow
To write you one more letter
When a call would be better

One thought on “Remember To Smile”

  1. Hey Sidney it was a great read and at-least I am feeling better after reading your poem and I am sure for whom who’ve dedicated this, they too would have felt better. This is the first poem of yours which I am reading and I feel there is a good writer hiding within you and I hope to read more such poems from you. You’re very right ‘LAUGHTER’ is the best thing to do. Thanks once again for sharing this with us :)

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