He Loves me Not

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 It must be what I see in you

I can’t pry myself away from you

Is it love or is it obsession?

No, I’d do anything for you

I love you, but why?

Why do I get upset whenever I don’t have your attention?

Why am I infatuated with everything you do?

Why do I crave that attention you give to me?

You are addictive

I can’t stop obsessing over you, even when…

You leave for a second

I need your attention

I crave your skin

Your laugh

Your whole being to be with me, always

2 thoughts on “He Loves me Not”

  1. It was a nice read. So much feelings and love inherited within the words, I can clearly see how strong your love is. Who actually get such a loving person with such a pure soul and heart? And when we love someone so much it’s really difficult to live without them even for a single day. But at the same time it can be really worst when we don’t get the same love from them, but the things can be changed with our true love and feelings. Love got that power to change anyone. Keeping loving and don’t let your feelings die. :) Thanks a lot for sharing this loving poem. :)

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