Whispering Songs

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Something hidden deep inside, the center of your stare.
Who’d of thought you’d let it hide, almost out of fear.
You knew back then, the time would come, to listen to this near.
Each and every loved one, you’ve gathered through the years.

You can take the time and ponder, and bask in what’s to come.
Each of you are holding hands, and singing a faint song.
The lullaby that comes right forth, is missing one more thing.
It’s the part that comes and goes, but listen when it sings.

The songs that make us laugh out loud.
The songs that sound like love.
The songs you hum in larger crowds.
Sang soflty like a dove.

To realize hymns and soft rejoice, we sing when we’re asleep.
And hear it from a strangers voice, this message you must keep.
Remain real still and close your eyes, take everything all in.
If it’s not perfect and you hear cries, then lavish thee with sin.

There will come a time, there will come a place.
When these few words, will not replace.
The inner thing you almost sought.
But in the end, you fought and fought.
And it slipped right out the door.  Hope to seek much more.

2 thoughts on “Whispering Songs”

  1. We all love that one song which will takes us to some beautiful memories which we once had in our life. Maybe that song changes in future but the memories which we had will always be remembered through some other means. And the best thing about this is that it keeps our feelings fresh and always lively :). I enjoyed reading your poem and yea your poem made me to whisper one of my favorite song too ;). Thanks for sharing it :)

    1. Thanks for reading Prem. This poem actually has a few different meanings that I was trying to display through verse. Either way thanks for commenting. It’s nice to put work into something and have it recognized.

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