Emotionally attractive

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We are pushing through the waves together
This back and fourth kind of weather
Being in your arms forever
I Couldn’t ask for more
Your loving smile
You caring skin
Your sweet brown eyes
Your tender kiss
All this things just make me weak
In your arms, I’m forever free
Your sweet touch ,
Your soft ways,
I feel safe in every way
You’re my light
You’re my star
You’re everything, I’ll hold on tight
I won’t let go
I don’t wanna miss
You’re the best thing
To ever happen to me
Oh my dear, loving soul
I wouldn’t trade you for any gold
Your the golden
In my eye
You’re a true bright star .

2 thoughts on “Emotionally attractive”

  1. What a perfect way to show our love that you are the universe to them. I really enjoyed reading it and felt little jealous too ;). You’re blessed with such a true lover and I can see that in your LOVING and beautiful words. Some lines brought a smile on my face like ‘Being in your arms forever I couldn’t ask for more’. There was a time when I use to feel these things :). I sincerely wish success to you :). And please do share more such lovely poems :).

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