The Road of love and hate

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I’ve traveled the same road

as far as I can remember.

The same twist and turns, as

my world collides.

Feeling the sun burning my pale skin,

the wind as it whistles in my ear

a sweet harmony as my feet

drag me along the broken road.

Feeling the heat and hearing

the sweet harmony I stand here

where the two roads meet of love and hate.

I stand here thinking about what I need..

I need love and I can’t live without hate

so I choose the road in-between.

As I walk this barren world I challenge

fate as I walk the road of both love and hate

2 thoughts on “The Road of love and hate”

  1. Very well said. According to me the best path would be the one where we could face both love and hate. If we miss any one out of these two I think our life won’t be complete. If someone loves us that’s great and if someone hates us. I think that’s not bad too let’s accept it with a smile and show to the world that your hatred feelings cannot bring me down :). Thank s for sharing and I hope to see more of your writing skills…

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