Maybe This will be the Morning

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Another December morning,
I’ve been here before,
I see you awakening beside me,

Maybe this will be the morning,
The morning you finally break the horizon,
And clear the winter clouds above,

Maybe this will be the morning,
You warm the fog I lay in,
And rid of all the dew that keeps me wet,

And maybe this will be the morning,
You share the light you’ve only teased me with,
And give me the warmth you’ve only promised.

4 thoughts on “Maybe This will be the Morning”

  1. I agree there are many great poems out there. I agree Jones will write more great and greater poems. But whenever I read this one I can't help bravo oh it's my favorite for many reasons and for no reason!

  2. hi i write poetry as well, id like ur comment on it on what u think,i plan to be a poet writer.

    poem :A love so strong
    I live and wander, im waiting for december . I am a angel,words r the most painful. My love for u is unbreakable,for those that hurt females are unaceptable,it seems this world is regretful .My heart might be cut , or i may be flamed to death and hooked to my grave stone. But this love for u that i carry for u ,is undestructable ,untouchable. Its so strong even the angels want to protect us , it is unatural . The light within me is not crackable . Id even release my dark words to protect u ,but no harm will be done to you . I will hold ur despair , sadness, just ask me and my given strength will be borrowed . You put on a dress u are so beatiful . I see an angel , a new world of such beaty i see within you . Dont cry out becuz ill always be with u ,when u fill lonely ill sing to u .

    1. First of all I would like to correct you … ‘i plan to be a poet writer’ … you are already a writer my friend … Each and every words in your poems is loud and clear saying a ‘talented writer is here’ to express the inner Feelings in a positive way … the emotions which you have expressed are ultimately the touching ones. The first line started with a rhyme and the last was well defined saying ” Like your words Your Love Is also Very Strong” … I am glad you came up with this poem and at the same time I would be very happy too if you start writing more and let this world know .. How Strong is your love :)

  3. Nice poem .Does it have to do with seasonal depression (in the winter time)? I like how the person in the poem has power to start another day with another beginning rather than falling back into depression.

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