Three Questions

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Usually I think what have I done to deserve this pain
It feels like something is running within my veins
It’s something intangible
It’s something valuable
I’ve heard once that pain can become addictive
I remember laughing once I’ve heard that adjective
It’s something logical
It’s something valuable
Of course I do not mean pain in it definable meanings
Best things in life can make us cry like love and feelings
For me there’s another name for pain it’s called “YOU”
You are the intangible and your presence is valuable
You are the logical addiction and you are the lovable
You represent all the definable meanings
You summarize all the existing feelings
And now you may understand my question
What have I done to deserve “YOU” in my life?

Had you ever missed someone like I constantly do
Even when we’re talking I feel that I’m missing you
I never got bored of listening to the voice talking to me
Like the voice of a sea shell singing the sound of the sea
It’s something attractive
It’s something adaptive
I’ve heard once that distance can be destructive and cruel
For lovers who are separated miles apart
I remember hearing that it’s the first step in breakup rules
But it’s ineffective when I miss you
While you’re lying here within my heart
It’s something provocative
It’s something prerogative
For me there’s another name for longing it’s called “You”
You are the attractive and your voice is the adaptive
Your absence is provocative and your presence is prerogative
You are the core waves formed in the sea
You are the voice God talks through to me
And you may understand my second question
What have I done to deserve that “YOU” in my life?

Thinking about people’s chances in life
Some people get it all and the rest strive
As I constantly remind myself I don’t want it all
There is that one tiny thing I aim for
It’s love versus nothing there is no or
It’s something like gamble
It’s something like scramble
The only thing that’s worse than one is none
Even if I lose there’s something to be done
Few are those who deserve what they take
Most people spend their nights dreaming awake
It’s something truly valid
It’s something deeply Solid
For me there’s another name for chance it’s called “YOU”
Making you a part of life is the ultimate gamble
While your absence makes it a game of scramble
Maybe I’m delusional, maybe I got lost
But not every song is made only by its rhymes
And you may now understand my third question
If love is forsaken and driven by St. Valentine
Then why are your feelings driven by Jack Frost
I find it to tell you that my statements are valid
No love can spread freely out of something that solid.

2 thoughts on “Three Questions”

  1. What an amazing poem man. After a long time I got to read such a wonderful piece of work and I need to tell you have got an extreme sense of writing which is not blessed to all :). The words are touching and heart-warming. How beautifully you mended those three questions was the awesome touch to it. After reading your poem am seriously getting a feel like … LOVE can make someone to pour their heart out with words that really has ultimate divine power … Thanks a ton for sharing with us :)

  2. Prem, I really appreciate your comment and I appreciate your patience for reading such a long poem. I’m touched by your comment which drives me to work harder on my upcoming poems, as you can see I don’t publish on daily basis I take my time writing & now you made me sure that’s the right way of writing, & remember always that sharing is caring. Thanks alot pal best regards :)

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